Understanding the Pre-requisites for a Career in Data Science – Analytics Insight

Data science

The interdisciplinary field of data science is growing with extraordinary relevance and so do data scientists. At the same time, the world is generating more data than ever before, supported by inexpensive and endless cloud computing resources available to process that data. Since data is the new currency, companies focus on extracting value from the data pool that will help them boost business and adapt to the changing technologies in the market. For this, they need to hire the right people with reliable data science skills. Data scientists are generally believed to have profound knowledge and expertise in fields like machine learning, statistics, mathematics, computing science, data visualization, and communication. Besides, it is justified to possess such technical skills as a data scientist is one of the highest paying jobs in the Tech community. Along with these, a data scientist must have the ability to solve business problems, be agile, carry effective business communication, be a good data storyteller, and a team player.

Male Dominance

A study was recently carried to observe how an individual becomes a qualified applicant for a data scientist position. The study, “1,001 data scientist LinkedIn profiles,” was held for the third consecutive year. This time, it was able to delineate the typical traits of data science professionals in 2020 and compared this data with the 2018 and 2019 figures. The study found that a data scientist’s collective image is viewed as a male

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