The Best Machine Learning Books to Read in 2020 – IoT For All

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It doesn’t require a genius to know that Machine Learning (ML) and Data Science are increasingly hot topics. Deep Learning is even touted as one of the most critical skills of today.

That being said, deep learning isn’t something that can be acquired easily. Machine Learning consists of working with a large volume of data. Data- that needs to be organized, analyzed, and stored. Later, algorithms are formed so that the machine can recognize the pattern and predict future behavior without human intervention.

Knowing the complexity of this field, it is no surprise that there is any number of books written on Machine Learning. These are targeted towards not only newbies but also professionals at intermediate or expert level. The authors try to include used cases, successful algorithms, and effective tricks and shortcuts.

Read on for the best Machine Learning books to read this year.

The 100 Page Machine Learning Book by Andriy Burkov

This book by Andriy Burkov summarizes various ML topics in an easy to comprehend manner. Burkov includes topics – both theory and practical –that are useful for practitioners. He doesn’t eliminate math equations, which is something most writers do in order to shorten their books.

One thing to keep in mind is that this book isn’t for beginners. Only individuals who

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